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The Tideland Institute makes and supports culture on the water through: 


  New York 

The waterways of New York are a strangely neglected place. But from the water you can experience the hidden systems that make the city run, see the repercussions of the past, and witness the persistence of nature.


  Raft Residency - We'll make the raft, you make the popup that goes on it.


Spring 2019 applications open in February 1st

Shoofly Pie - We are currently making a historic army tug into an Expedition Laboratory. Want to help? We are renovating it from workboat to mobile creative studio. When we're done the Shoofly Pie will host events and residencies in New York Harbor, the Hudson River Valley, and beyond. 

Join the team!


South East Alaska  


Living on a 100ft 100yr old wooden tugboat while exploring SE Alaska with seven other people is a pretty unique experience. Participants learned how to operate the tugboat and skiffs, caught food, learned about safety in the wilderness, and lived in community. One month residents made a project that responded to an aspect of life on the boat. Shorter residencies focused on discussion, asking "How can this experience inform our work elsewhere?"


Workshops and Gatherings 


Let's get together and do a project!

Past workshops have included Fish and Fowl habitat float building, Tugboat Maintenance and Cocktail Hour and Raft Building. 


Lost Island Concert Series/ There Once was an Island

Boat in concerts where islands once stood


Mussel Island - October (check back in for details)

Huckleberry Island Float-in Concert

Hoonah, AK

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