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Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club Dock

We designed and built a new dock, social space, and floating stage for the canoe club. The dock was constructed through a series of community build workshops. 

Soothing Sounds of Superfund Sites

Our album of field recordings from super toxic locations around New York Harbor premiered at the Hirshhorn Smithsonian in DC. 

The recordings feature the beautiful and natural sonic landscapes created by a complex history of environmental harm and neglect. 

Maritime Library

The library is a floating reading room, exhibit space, and residency space that can go anywhere in the harbor. 


The collection is made up of histories, memoirs, children’s adventure series, how-to manuals, 1940s nautical smut - books and periodicals that show water as a space of imagination.

The library has been built through a series of community workshops and is in its final stages of construction.

Awesome on the Water

We give monthly microgrants for projects that bring culture and creativity to the water. We lead a global water-focused chapter of the Awesome Foundation. Find out more about the grant and board members and apply here.

Mobile Creative Labratory

We're restoring a 1941 tugboat to act as a mobile creative studio and on-water residency space.

New York's Most Socially Distanced Office

The Socially Distant Office was created to speak to the collective experience and newly forged norms of the pandemic era with humor and understanding. It's a niche joke that everyone gets. It's a joke designed to make people feel seen. It is also a joke designed to have the water be seen.

Watch the video here

On Deck Short Film Festival

Each fall we create and host an on-water boat-in short film festival. 

Lost Island Concert Series 

Sixty boats, one hundred people, sixteen musicians, and one tugboat came to pay their respects to the site where Mussel Island once was.

The Lost Islands Concert Series celebrates New York Harbor while also inviting people to consider our complicated relationship with water.

Read about in Gothamist

Collaborations and Support for Water Projects

We often collaborate and use our infrastructure to support others making work on the water. 

In this photo, we're hosting Jason Eppink's annual participatory play. 


We regularly host a range of capacity-building workshops, from boating safety to habitat restoration. In this photo, participants are building fish and foul habitat floats.

Cultural Residency - Southeast Alaska 

We ran a cultural residency program on our historic 1907 wooden tugboat. 2015-2018. 

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